Grooming Tips

  •  Get to know your dog’s coat type.


Every breed has one of 6 different coat types, each requiring different techniques of grooming. Understanding their grooming needs will prevent the dreaded ‘clip off’ of matted coats and allow your dog to be beautifully styled.


  •  Ask your groomer for a brushing demonstration.


If you are struggling to keep your dog tangle-free ask for advice from your groomer. They will be happy to talk you through the tools you need and show you how to correctly use them.


  • Take advantage of ‘Puppy Intro’ grooms.


As soon as your puppy’s vaccinations are complete get them booked in at the groomers. Puppies will be desensitized to all the sighs and sounds of the grooming process. When they are ready for their first full groom, they will be happy and relaxed.


  • Establish a good grooming routine.


Some coat types require daily grooming, maintaining the coat at home is essential. As well as attending regular grooming appointments. Skipping grooming will more than likely result in matted coats which will have to be clipped off short. Brushing your dog should take not more than a few minutes so try to fit it into your daily schedule.


  •  Don’t forget the ears.


Breeds with drop ears such as Spaniels and Basset Hounds often require more ears care. Purchase specialist ears cleaner and wipe ears regularly. Keep ears free from excess hair. Fold ears back when dogs are resting to help air circulate.


  • Be realistic about your expectations.


If you are a busy family that enjoys romping about outdoors or you can’t commit to regular grooming appointments, a big fluffy teddy trim may not be the right style cut for you. Work with your groomer to choose a grooming style that fits your lifestyle and keeps the dog's coat in the best possible condition.


  • Don’t forget about tail pockets on Brachycephalic breeds.


Breeds like Bulldogs and Boston Terriers have screw tails which can form a tail pocket. Dead hair, skin and dirt can form there and cause irritation and possible infection. Be sure to check them and clean out often.

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