About us

My name is Nicole and I am the proud and dedicated  owner of Downtown Dog Grooming. Dogs  have  always  been  my passion. I have a life time's experience handling and training dogs. When I'm not in the grooming salon, I can usually be found in the show ring with my precious  Boston Terriers.

I currently have 4 dogs living here at Downtown Dogs with me: Prudence the Cocker Spaniel and Chip, Della and Quinn the Boston Terriers.

I am committed  to providing dogs with a positive grooming experience. I run a cage-free salon where your dog is  able to exhibit  normal behaviours  which instantly puts dogs at ease. With gentle handling and knowledge  of dog behaviour, I am able to groom even the most nervous and reactive dogs.  Professional dog groomers. Flexible evening and weekend appointments. Groomed with patience and skill in a purposed build salon. Grooming price list. Large breeds welcome. 

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